Saturday, September 13, 2008

Interview With Media Molecule co-founder, Alex Evans - Little Big Planet

An interview with Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans can be read over at Posts over at GI also include a discussion on how MM intend to limit objectionable user created content in game.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Big Challenge 4

Over at Playstation they have announced LittleBigChallenge 004 - Print Ad. Download a starter kit and then exercise your creativity while designing a advertising layout for LBP.

Take a look at the submissions thus far for LittleBigChallenge 003

Gamer Girls - Sackboy Vs Sackgirl

This post is image intensive. For that I do apologize. I was raised in the era of bandwidth conservation and although the times they are a changing - I am still responsible enough to cringe at the thought that I just inserted a half dozen, reasonably High Resolution images into one blog post.

There is a method to my madness, though. At present I am trying to disprove a theory of mine - and that is that Sackboy is nearly the cutest darn critter in the universe. A mere step or two behind floppy newborn puppies and baby deer. To that - I am not foolhardy enough to attempt to disrepute.
What I am attempting to determine though - is why Sackgirl is not evoking the same tangible giddiness upon first or second glance while anatomically Sackgirl and Sackboy remain more closely anatomically associated than many other species, real or imagined.

Combined in one image or viewed in a venue where they are near to each other - the guys and gals are darn intriguing, but solo - it seems that something is missing. Although I am really not quite certain what. You tell me. Take a look at our new favorite friends and give your opinion below. Are they equally adorable? Or - are you like me and leaning towards gleeful creation of your very own Sackboy upon Little Big Planets' release?

The ladies I play these games with tend to ALWAYS create characters that emulate themselves - so watching them create their characters next month will be a rather vocal response to the cute factor. Yet in this world of instant gratification I just cannot wait until then.

I hope to use any cutification feedback to relate to and improve upon submissions for a sackboy / sackgirl costume for the costume creation contest over at

Little Big Planet - Sackboy Halloween Costume

Media Molecule gave a shout out to Adam over at Not only has he created a very cool Sackboy costume, he was kind enough to document the creative process and share it with the world!

In Game Costume Design Contest

Little Big Planet - In Game Costume Design Contest

Running until September 30th, Playstation is holding its third LittleBigChallenge.
Prior challenges included a logo design and packaging design competition. This newest challenge asks you to exercise your creativity in preparation for the fall release of LBP. Download the template here, then design a new costume for the heroes and heroines of Little big Planet, the winning submissions will be included in the official release.

Entrants are encouraged to share their entries on flickr, examples of your competion can be found here.

I intend to kick my ass in gear and jump on this band wagon as I really need something to do while my family retains their addiction to Spore. Wish me luck!

Little Big Planet Beta

New details have been posted by the creators at mediamolecule (also where I socknapped this image from as a placeholder until we get access to screen capping my OWN images of Sackboy!) in regards to an official post over on the playstation forums.

While acknowledged to have entered closed Beta some time ago - confirmed release of Little Big Planet Beta entering wider release has been less than forthcoming. With a release date fast approaching, Gamasutra posted info this week which has me excited!
LBP's getting an LPB. SCEA says there will be a limited public beta test for Media Molecule-developed PlayStation 3 title LittleBigPlanet this month, just ahead of the game's October release.

Details are still sketchy - no exact "how to" access the beta information has been disclosed, but the rep states in his interview that:
"If it will be possible to 'sign up' for this test, full information on how to do so will be made public in advance of the test," says the rep. "Similarly if the test is going to be conducted in an invitation-only we will let you know ahead of time."

Optimism can only get us so far - but the assurance that potential testers will have access to information is promising to say the least. Secretive closed beta registrations exhaust me.

Industry News

Over at Gamasutra there is word of a level creation contest forthcoming for Little Big Planet near the end of September.

Parsons, The New School for Design and Sony Computer Entertainment are partnering to host the LittleBigPlanet Game Jam. Students from Parsons will compete in five member teams to create new levels for Little Big Planet within a 24 hr time period. The winning levels will then be packaged in a special Jam package included with Little Big Planet when it launches in October.